Pastor Joseph and Mercy Maweta

Pastor Joseph grew up in Malawi as a devout Catholic. His parents expected him to become a priest, and he obediently began that journey. But around 18 years of age, he was presented with the gospel and became a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. His parents were unhappy with his decision and would no longer support any schooling.

Undeterred, he enrolled in a Bible college located in the Blantyre area and completed 3 years of study.

The need was great for evangelism in the Sharp Valley, Ntcheu area. He began working with the help of other Christians and established 36 churches over 12 years. He worked tirelessly-witnessing during the day, holding services in his home in the evenings, presenting Christ using the Jesus film on Saturday nights, and preaching on Sundays. An untiring worker for the Lord!

He met and married Mercy during this time. She has been a tremendous help to him in this work. They have 5 children: Matthews,  Blessings, Praise, Ruth, and Charity.

Harry and Marilyn Schenimann

Harry met Pastor Joseph in 2008 on his first trip to Malawi and was drawn to Pastor Joseph’s love for his people and their souls. Joseph’s desire is for every person in Malawi to share his love for his Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ. At Joseph’s home on a weekday evening, Harry was in a 15’ x 20’ room with about fifty other people. The room was packed, hot, sweaty, and nearly dark. Windows were open, and 30 to 40 people were outside listening. Pastor Joseph was holding his Bible near the candle so he could see to read the Scriptures. The people were hungry for God’s word and Pastor Joseph was answering the Lord’s call to go and tell.  

On another trip to Malawi, Harry found Joseph  and others hard at work translating the Bible into their native language. Over the years, through numerous visits to Malawi,  a passion grew in Harry to assist Joseph in his work.  Because it was becoming clear that Joseph could not reach the lost by himself but would need the help of trained men and women that loved the Lord in order to carry out the work.